Winter Dog Sled Tours and Skijoring

Dog Sledding is a great way to see the beauty of the country side and get some fresh air and outdoor exercise. Be a passenger on a sled or a musher. "Gee - haw" .... as you explore your way on trails in the forest, open meadows or frozen lakes. Wear warm clothes and make sure you are in reasonable physical condition to drive a sled and dog team.  

All trips will start at the Sugarbush Kennel in Sundridge, about 30 minutes drive from the Motel when conditions permit it, otherwise the trip will start at the closest available trail, usually within 10 kilometers of the kennel. For those who wish to use another trail or location which is more than 10 kilometers from the kennel, a transportation fee will apply. This could be 50 - 100 dollars or more, depending on the size of the group and the distance travelled.

Please ask for detailed prices for specific trips and adventures.

Trail rides: Adult, Youth (13-17 years), Child (5-12 years)

  • In-depth instruction
  • A hot drink and snack

For larger groups, the prices and times of the rides will decrease accordingly. Ask for details please!

For larger groups (7 persons or more), the clients may have to wait for their turn. With a group of over 12 persons this will definitely be the case, and with a really large group (25 persons or more) it may take a whole day for everyone to get their 15 or 30 minute ride.

Snacks and a hot drink will be available around the bonfire for those who are waiting, and for large groups other options may include hiking, snowshoeing or skiing. Some great photo opportunities will surely be available for those who wish to hike the trails.

Full day trips: Adult and Youth (13-17 years) only

  • About 30-60 minutes set up and In-depth instruction
  • 4 hours on the trail
  • A hot lunch on the trail

Night trips: Adult and Youth (13-17 years) only

  • About 30-60 minutes set up and In-depth instruction
  • 2-3 hours on the trail
  • A hot drink and snack

Ski Joring: Adult and Youth (13-17 years) only

Have the dogs pull you on skis. . . A true Nordic experience!

Participants MUST have their own cross country or down hill skis and poles, should have some skiing experience

  • About 30-60 minutes set up and In-depth instruction
  • A hot drink and snack

Some Discount may apply, depending on the time of bookings. Ask for details upon booking! Terms for all trips: 1/3 of total deposit to secure reservation. NON REFUNDABLE!

Guests must provide warm clothing (some clothes to change), warm gloves and mittens, most importantly very good warm boots (if not appropriately dresses, you may not attend!) Persons should be in good physical condition.

Winter Dog Sled Tours and Ski Joring

Deposits, and cancellation policy:

30% deposit is required to finalize all bookings.

Deposits are fully refundable if the trip is cancelled at least one week before the booked date, also there will be no charge to reschedule one week or more in advance. If the trip is cancelled or the clients wish to reschedule within one week and at least 48hrs before the booked date, the clients will lose 50% of their deposit(s) and will have to pay again if they wish to rebook.

Clients who wish to reschedule or cancel within 48hours of the booked date will lose their full deposit.

Clients who fail to show up for the trip with no explanation will also lose their deposit(s).

Also any clients who show up for the trip without the proper gear, may be prohibited to participate and lose their deposit(s).

There are a few exceptions,

1: weather based cancellations; in cases where there is a lack of sufficient snow, or it is raining, too icy, or below -25 with a wind chill, I may choose to cancel or give the clients the option to cancel with a full refund. I would also give the clients a refund if they are unable to attend due to road closure, or delays caused by weather conditions, however, i must stress that it will be the clients responsibility to show up, and so they should give themselves extra time to get here if the weather may be bad.

2: Personal accidents or injury; If a client is involved in an accident or becomes injured in such a way as to prevent attendance or participation, that person will be refunded in full, so long as they take measures to contact me as soon as possible. In a group situation, only the person who is unable to participate will receive a refund, unless that person is necessary for the participation of the group (i.e. they are the only adult, etc.).

3: Cancellations by tour operator (myself); Any trips which are canceled by me, due to weather, personal injury, vehicle breakdown etc., will be fully refundable. For the same reasons, I may also have to change the duration or other details of a trip (i.e. from one per sled to sharing sleds), in which case i would offer a partial refund on the trip. I will try my best to avoid these circumstances, and if i have to cancel a date, i would usually try to reschedule the group at a discounted rate if possible.

**** HST is not included in prices. All prices and policies subject to change without immediate notice ****